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Global Company

Global Standard

Highly rated for their superior quality and reliability and unsurpassed cost performance, NSK's products sell in over 135 countries around the world. Overseas sales now account for 75% of our turnover, and we have become a global player. Meanwhile, however, competition with our competitors is becoming increasingly fierce.

NSK takes full advantage of it worldwide network, grasping the needs of customers on a global basis, leading to the development of new products. We develop products which meet the common needs of the global market and, at the same time, we also possess the attention to detail which enables us to respond to specific local needs.

We are expanding on a global level to achieve "design innovation", "absolute quality", "high cost competitiveness", "a strong global sales network" and "first-class after-sales service", with the aim of becoming the true No.1 brand globally.

Global Network

We believe that what is essential to become the global No.1 brand is the establishment of the functions which will serve as the company's hands and feet, and eyes and ears, in major markets around the world, and the building of strong sales and marketing capabilities and customer service and after service capabilities to increase customer satisfaction, and we currently have we have expanded our global direct sales network to 15 bases around the world, including overseas subsidiaries and representative offices.

Particularly in the European market, which is packed with world-class dental equipment manufacturers, after founding NSK Europe GmbH in Frankfurt, Germany, in 2003, we went on to found NSK France SAS (Paris, France) in 2005, and NSK United Kingdom Ltd. (London, England) in 2007, and with the expansion of our active sales promotions and branding strategy, sales increased significantly and increased the strength of the NSK brand in Europe. In addition, in 2008 we launched NSK Dental Spain SA (Madrid, Spain), and at the end of 2008 we launched NSK Euro Holdings (Frankfurt, Germany) to unify sales, marketing and logistics in the European region. In doing so, we were able to achieve a speedier system of distribution within Europe.

Furthermore, we established NSK Middle East (Dubai, UAE) in 2000, NSK Shanghai Ltd. (Shanghai, China) in the rapidly growing Asian market in 2005, NSK Rus & CIS (Moscow, Russia) and NSK Oceania Pty. Ltd. in 2007 and NSK Asia Pte Ltd (Singapore) in 2009 and we maintain a system with which we can swiftly respond to the different needs of each region.

In the world's largest market, America, we established NSK Dental LLC (Chicago), and NSK America Latina Ltda (Brazil) in 2013, and we are steadily expanding the scale and scope of our global network.

At the same time, even in the countries where we do not have a local subsidiary, we have strengthened our relationships with local distributors to build a sales network to rival those of our competitors, and we are able to achieve a fine-tuned response to the needs of our users.